Posted by: Faith | November 19, 2010

Week in the Life…. Charlotte area newborn, maternity photographer Faith Massey

I decided rather than trying to keep up with peeks after each session I can just do a weekly update with the peeks I want to post and a little about my crazy life. With 6 kids, carpools, and a busy studio I thought it might be more fun to keep you all up on what is going on in my life in general, rather than just the pics πŸ™‚ Not to worry I’ll keep it short and sweet! Enjoy my week at a glance…

It has been a crazy, but fun week. I hit my max of three newborns this week. I try not to take more than 2-3 newborns a week so I can devote all of my energy to the ones I have.The week started with a couple new to the Charlotte area, an FBI agent and his beautiful wife. They were in a few weeks earlier for maternity portraits and their son decided to come early. Too cute for words and a great sleeper πŸ™‚ Take a peek at Cannon

The next little sweet pea was a baby I have been looking forward to meeting for a few weeks now. Her name is Faith, and oh is she sweet! We did lots of feeding, but managed to capture a ton of great shots. You may remember her mama who was inΒ  a few months ago, we had a great time together creating some fun images πŸ™‚ Take a peek at baby Faith…

Between all the newborns I also had the opportunity to work with a beautiful little girl who just turned one! I have not seen Isabel for 6 months and she has grown so much:) She was a joy to work with again this time.

My last newborn of the week is an NFL baby. Daddy is a running back out for injury right now. Mom is from here, so they have come here to be close to family. They are both as sweet at could be and they and their little boy were a joy to work with. Meet Brody…

My week finished out with a weekend away from the camera, minus the couple of snapshots I took at the game. We took a trip to my husbands alma-mater, WVU for a great football game against Cincinnati. WVU came out strong and kicked butt! That was a lot of fun for me, but more importantly, my husband hasn’t been to a home game in over 12 years! It was good that they won. The weather was 70* to boot! Can’t beat that for a great weekend. We had the chance to see a few friends and family there too. Glad to be home and looking forward to catching up on all of my editing and getting ready for Thanksgiving. I get to watch my daughter Savannah’s preschool Thanksgiving performance on Friday and eat some Turkey roll ups with Jack on Monday. Fun Fun πŸ™‚

One last note, I also had a chance to photograph my kiddos this week for my Christmas pictures. I have not had a chance to edit them, but I did get a couple of fun ones in between the “official” Christmas card photo! Sweet Savannah also finally got her 4 year pics taken in between all of this!


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