About the Photographer

Hi, my name is Faith Massey. I am the owner and photographer of Images by Faith Portrait Art in Huntersville, NC. For those of you not in the area, Huntersville is just outside Charlotte. I am a California girl, moved east. We have been here 5 years (wow, its been that long!) I am the proud mama of 6 children. Yes that’s right, it was not a typo, I have 6 kids. I love children, and the babies are my favorite (thus I keep starting over). Ashley, my oldest is going to be 15 in September. Molly is 12  in July. John will be 10 on the 2nd of July. Robby is 7 1/2. Savannah will be 3 in September (the day before Ashley’s bday). Sweet little Jack was born Feb 17th 2008. That is it other than the furry children we have. 

I opened my studio here in Huntersville in June of 2005. I have made some great friends from clients here. I specialize in babies and children, but love to do a few weddings a year. I never considered myself a wedding photographer, but I do like to shoot them. I feel like if I only book a few a year then I will stay fresh and see the art that takes place at a wedding and have a joy about being the honored guest to capture the day for that couple.

I have been taking pictures since high school. I think photography is an ongoing learning experience, especially since digital. I like to go to at least one big photography conference a year and as many smaller more local ones as I can get to so that I stay up to speed on the latest technology, styles, and trends of the business. I consider myself to be an artist, and I love to make art from children. I get so much joy out of capturing the essence of a child. They grow all too fast as I have learned, so creating those special memories for parents is a job I do not take lightly!

Give me a call if you are looking for someone to create a piece of art for you family.

Images by Faith Portrait Art

(704) 766-0661



  1. Hi my name is Jamie Fredrickson. I live in Huntersville as well. I went to Appalachian state and majored in photography and have photographed weddings and families as well as children. I am in love with your ART. Your photography is amazing. I was actually wondering if you would be willing to or if you offer in sessions on photography. I am really struggling with lighting and am about to give up on photography. I have two children, a 4 1/2 yr old and a 21 month old. Please if you get a chance I would love to talk with you. Thank you for your time. Jamie

  2. I am just wondering if you know if the NILMDTS organisation is only in USA as I am wondering if it branches out to Australia, which is where I live. I am not a pro photographer, but it certainly is a passionate hobby of mine, and I would LOVE to volunteer my time to do something like this for families.

  3. I love your pics mom!!!! You make my heart go BOOOOOOOM:)

  4. hello my name is hanah and i am a highschool student looking into becoming a photographer and i was wondering if you could possibly help me get started. i have done research for our school project title what i want to be but ive not yet found all my answers and i was wondering if you could help me if so please email me! i saw your photos and they are just amazing. thank you…hannah

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